Ketchum Grande Memorial School

Students attend our on-campus school, Ketchum Grande Memorial School, while in residence at The Charlton School. The school was established in 1980 and is approved by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as an Article 89 school. Instruction is based on NYSED learning standards, assessments, and curriculums that guide our intensive special education program designed to prepare students to pass Regents examinations through grade level courses and earn credits toward high school graduation.

Students who have struggled with school in the past customarily achieve success through small classes and high levels of academic and counseling support. A Child Study Team monitors student progress to ensure high-quality, individualized programming. Through this process, previously unrecognized learning difficulties may be assessed.

Remediation is regularly provided through Academic Intervention Services, a consulting special education teacher, and instruction by experienced faculty. Guided by school-based counseling and the school’s commitment to developing the whole child, students are empowered to change previous behavior and make constructive choices for success in school and lifelong learning. The campus-wide, choice-based treatment approach allows students to acquire and practice normative behaviors until they become personal habits. The positive change in each student’s personal development ultimately leads to her successful reintegration into the home school.