The Day School

In response to the growing number of psychologically and emotionally fragile students with special education needs, The Charlton School/Ketchum Grande was approved by the NY State Education Department as an ‘853’ Special Education School in April 2005. We welcome non-resident students in the 8th-11th grade to our respected day program where they benefit from the same intensive special education and treatment programs delivered to residential students. School districts may now refer students classified for special education directly to The Charlton School/Ketchum Grande.

Day students requiring strong interpersonal relationships, emotional connection, and regular counseling thrive in our programs while their families benefit from consistent parent counseling that prepares them and their student for a successful return to their home school.

Students are prepared for Regents examinations and other graduation requirements in core and elective subjects taught by certified teachers. Individual Education Plan (IEP) requirements are met by specialists, and consultant special education teacher services are provided.

Information from our weekly Child Study Team meeting is shared with each student’s therapists, teachers, and our Board Certified Child Psychiatrist so that all education and intervention plans are integrated and informed.

The Charlton School/Ketchum Grande specializes in the creative arts, and our students often excel in expressive art, music, and video technology classes. Our Animal Care Program allows day students to nurture and care for a variety of domesticated animals (horses, sheep, chickens, alpacas, etc.) which strengthens self-esteem and facilitates student growth and healing. Students also experience privilege, responsibility, and the personal reward of success.

We invite qualified day students to learn more about us and visit the school. Please contact Candy Merchant 399-8182 (Ext. 404).