Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts Program at Charlton

The program offers students an intensive, individualized experience in the Fine Arts. Students are guided through the stages of the creative process: inspiration/idea development, materials selection and engineering, technical processes, evaluation, editing, and critique.

Topics and issues that are too hard to confront directly can be expressed through art. As our students work on their art, they are really working on themselves. The studio becomes a training ground for real life as students learn about commitment, dedication, responsibility, risk taking, handling failure, and success. Students also have the opportunity to learn and achieve in an environment outside of the school setting.
Our program is unique in that it focuses on the individual, exploring and giving voice to their experiences while challenging them with university level processes. Expressive Arts works in conjunction with our Treatment Groups. The flexibility of the arts as offered through the expertise of our instructor leads to personal growth and development while providing us with additional insight about the student.
Wide ranging conversations and an open-ended research process expose young minds to possibilities never before encountered. Because math, science, technology, and invention are foundations of art making, students learn that careers as electricians, architects, scientists, engineers, and others are attainable. In the studio, student projects range from simple pinch pots to more complex mold making, life casting, soldering, and moveable parts.