Student Testimonials

“Since I was young, I have always known that this life damages us, everyone. We can’t escape that damage. But now, I am also learning this: We can be mended. We mend each other.”
Student #2
Hello! It’s Trish K., I wanted to let all of you know that my life is amazing. I have a job at Sports Illustrated and I have recently gotten engaged! (My wedding is Feb 2019).  I miss all of you and wanted to let you know how my life turned out. I am grateful for all the effort you took to help me grow.  My fiancé is a Fine Artist and a full-time Tattoo Artist and I couldn’t have a happier, healthier relationship.

“The school isn’t perfect, but they try so hard to meet the needs of every student and genuinely care. It was like having a big second family to support and love me during a dark time in my life and I regret not staying and finishing my education. However, I wouldn’t be who I am now without all that experience. I thank all the hardworking staff there who’s efforts can often be under appreciated. I miss all of you so much and I’ll never forget you.”


Parent Testimonials


I want to send out a HUGE thank you to an incredibly dedicated team of professionals working with our student in the realm of academics and wellness. We had excellent meetings, including many on-the-spot clearing of schedules to make time for us to see many of you on days we visited campus. We are all grateful for the incredible support you are giving to her, the ‘think tank’ approach to coming up with ad hoc solutions for out-of-the-norm circumstances, the effort to create a delicate balance between medications, therapy, nutrition, motivation, a safe environment, and a true team spirit. I am deeply impressed by the communication between staff that are floating between three cottages, two administrative buildings, an art chapel, stables and maintenance operations and the appreciation that every staff team member I had conversation with “gets” that the flow of students and issues have to be shared and updated on a daily basis.

Even the issues of my daughter’s allergies to all seeds, including poppy, sesame, and sunflower and all nuts (include peanuts, tree nuts and yes, coconut) along with straight up milk (she can have it in things but can’t drink it directly) and soy (which of course also extends to not cooking with coconut oil, sunflower oil, or sesame oil) … creates its own monster of a challenge in trying to keep her well hydrated, with enough calcium and protein intake – which obviously impacts our overall mental status and general attitude as well.

There were a lot of thoughtful statements made yesterday about the good teacher-student relationships that have been made with her, how smart, mature and giving she can be, how revered she is by some of her peers as calming and caring, and the positive road that is being paved for her to thrive in. She struggles to believe she is smart and that she has amazing qualities (and she’s the first to admit it.) I know that we are all trying to remind her of these things and know that her self-image is critical in her healing process. One day, she will see herself in this light as well.

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF HEARTS to The Charlton School and The Westhampton Beach School Teams.


“Parents recognize The Charlton School model is less about penalizing students and more about respecting them for who and where they are when they come to Charlton.”

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“It is not an exaggeration to say that the Charlton Program saved our daughter, and saved our family”


“The therapeutic staff is extraordinary and helped our daughter learn how to express herself and to advocate for herself”


“The best thing about the Charlton Program is that all members of the staff accepted our child for who they are”

Psychiatrist Testimonials

“In referring patients, I look for a standard of care based on evidence-based treatments, the flexibility to tailor a treatment program to each child and family, and a willingness to include and communicate with an outside psychiatrist. Charlton does all of these things well.”

CSE Testimonials

“Charlton is for students who are fragile and present with emotional issues such as depression, bi-polar disorders, anxiety, and personality disorders.”